As long as the dragons stay static , these are the dragons you will face at each level. Please keep in mind, beating the Octopus Dragon does not give him to you. You must beat him and finish the collection of other items. Please keep that in mind.

  • Sea Dragon
  • Seashell Dragon
  • Coral Dragon
  • Seahorse Dragon
  • Pirate Dragon
  • Pure Sea Dragon
  • Octopus Dragon
  • Tropical Dragon
  • Lantern Fish Dragon
  • Plankton Dragon

Fight 1: Sea Dragon

Fight 2: Lantern Fish Dragon

Fight 3: Tropical Dragon 

Fight 4: Seashell Dragon

Fight 5: Coral Dragon

Fight 6: Seahorse Dragon 

Fight 7: Pirate Dragon 

Fight 8: Plankton Dragon 

Fight 9: Pure Sea Dragon 

Fight 10: Octopus Dragon (Dark + Water)

The level of the dragon's will be based on your dragon's level.




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