Hi, Dragon Masters!

The power of the Gods has boosted the Daily Bonus! Now you can play daily the new DEUS DAILY BONUS: shuffle the cards, pick a card and get a reward!This is just a new mini game to help all the Dragon City players.This will not replace the usual Daily Bonus.

You can have a free Shuffle every 24 hours. You can also get as many shuffles as you want by paying 3 gems per shuffle. The prizes are given below :-

  • 5000 Gold
  • 35000000000000000 Gold
  • 100 Food
  • 10000000000000000 Food

    Dues Daily Bonus

  • Dragon Statue
  • Super tile
  • Free try
  • Dark Fire Dragon
  • Hot Metal Dragon



  • You can have one free draw per 24 hours.</li></li></li></li>
  • You can draw as many times a day you want with gems to win cool dragons,food ,free draw or gold</li></li>


    Dues Daily Bonus




    Good Luck fuck

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